A traditional approach to leadership is no longer sufficient in a world that is changing at an exponential rate. This program provides new approaches for leading teams towards effectively reaching organizational goals by Leadership Framework.

This course focusses on continuous learning and adaptation to the evolving landscape, new technologies, and shifting customer preferences.


On completion of the course the students will become a more effective, strategic leader, develop leadership skills to lead teams and learn people analytics for better human resource management.

The course will also teach you how to adapt your management style to COVID-19 and to grow or change in the wake of the pandemic. You’ll learn how to manage a remote team and find the ways that can help keep your team motivated.


  •  Aspects of Leadership

  •  Understanding  Organizational Context

  •  Building Relationships Within and Across Organizations 

  •  Creating a Compelling Vision of the Future

  •  Capacity Building in the organisation

  •  Leveraging externally focused X-teams

  •  Structures and processes to address organizational challenges

  •  Drawing on MIT’s 4-CAPS+ Leadership Framework.

  •  Mobilize individuals to move towards a vision

  • Collaborate and networking tools.

Master Class by Industry Expert

FEE Structure:

FEES- 2500/-