Introduction to the Course

This course is designed for anyone who wants to work in the media/cultural industries.

The course emphasizes production, theory & professional studies. The program covers Print, Interactive & Broadcast Media, dealing with all the five aspects of Mass Communication, namely (a) Newspapers & Periodicals (b) Radio (e) Television (d) Films and (e) Advertising.

The curriculum includes basic skills of Reporting, Script-Writing, Camera Techniques, Editing, Voice-Overs, Proof- reading, Advertising & Public Relations, News reading, etc.

SSI Delhi lays special emphasis upon practical learning by application & usage of studio labs, outdoor visits, eminent industry experts as guest faculty. At our in-house media labs, students learn News reading, Anchoring, Piece to cameras, Lighting techniques, Editing & Voice-overs. An enjoyable course, recommended for those who want to work in the media & stand out from the rest of the crowd.


Work in all areas of the media as Newspaper, Magazine & Online Journalists & Editors, Program Makers & Broadcasters, Press Officers, P.R. Executives, Script Writers, Content Writers, Voice-over Artists and Teachers. After some experience, some go on to take senior positions in News Organizations.


One / Two / Three Years Diploma Courses
Three Years Graduation Degree (BSc MCAJ)
Two Years Post Graduation Degree (MSc MCAJ)


10th / 12th / Graduation

ONE YEAR Two Years Three Years
History of Journalism Print Journalism Electronic Journalism
Media Writing Electronic Media Editing ( FCP)
Print Journalism TV Production Lab Journalistic Functions
Global Comparative Media Communication Skills Laws & Ethics of Journalism
Camera Techniques TV Anchoring Skills In-house Reporting
Reporting-Crime,Political, Sports etc. Press Laws & Ethics Camera Techniques
Mass Communication Camera Techniques Operation & Handling of
Editing Editing- Print & Electronic Video Equipment
Documentary film-making Advertising & P.R. Television Production Lab
T.V. Anchoring Skills Voice Modulation/ Voice-Over Basics of Light & Sound
Feature Writing Photo Journalism Documentary Film Making
Newspaper Lay-out G.K. & Current Affairs Public Relations
Project & Research Work Creative Skills & Effective Writing TV Journalism & Program Formats
Internship Script Writing Outdoor Shoot
Documentary Film Making Story Boards
Project & Research Work News Bulletin
Internship Project & Research Work